Brunnhuber & Bandt 4.0Neu

Although the digital world of bits and bytes is strongly linked in our business, new technologies in machine tool-networking let us explore a new dimension - Industry 4.0!

X8 MIG Welder - a new world of welding

  • Best arc performance for various welding processes with high current rating
  • Easy handling and efficiency
  • Dialogue welding system and welding process surveillance with WeldEye

Turning center Spinner TC800-85-SMCY - all-purpose machining

  • Maximum swing diameter 500 mm/maximum turning length 900 mm
  • Lathe spindle up to 3.400 Upm (Pmax 95 kW, Mmax 930 Nm)/opposed spindle up to 5.000 Upm
  • Rod passage 85 mm
  • Multiplex rotary turret with driven tools up to 4.000 Upm

Integrated CAD/CAM solution SolidCAM 2016

  • Based upon SolidWorks application
  • Fully simulated and monitored machining
  • Premium quality and high speed processing